Boardroom Selection Guide for Tables & Seating

General Chair Spacing Guideline:

(Dependent on: Total Chair Width + Desired Space Between Each Chair)

As a general guideline, we recommend allocating 70cm per user along the straight edge of a boardroom table. This allocation includes 50-55cm for the chair width, with a few additional centimeters of space on either side of the chair.

Determining the Size and Shape of Your Boardroom Table

In accordance with European standard fire regulations, there should be a minimum of 60cm of space between desks, expanding to 90cm for accommodating wheelchair users. However, for practical reasons, it’s advisable to maintain a minimum of 100cm. When considering boardroom tables, we suggest a minimum 1200mm walkway around each side of the table to allow users to navigate around it comfortably, even when chairs are pushed in. For further assistance in planning the ideal meeting table for your room, please refer to our room dimension guide below.

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