Laboratory and Medical Benching Systems

The Laboratory Benching System represents a suite of high-performance modular workstations engineered specifically for laboratory and medical environments. These versatile, standalone lab benches are equipped with a variety of integrated features and are adaptable to accommodate both suspended and floor-mounted casework, as well as a range of countertop materials.

This system serves as the foundational workspace for laboratory operations, providing essential surfaces for experimental procedures, testing protocols, and various other tasks inherent to laboratory workflows. By carefully selecting the appropriate configuration of the laboratory workbench system, one can significantly enhance ergonomic considerations, streamline workflow efficiencies, and ensure the longevity of the work surface.

Critical factors such as the intended purpose, operational requirements, desired dimensions, choice of countertop material, and storage necessities should all inform the design and specification process of the workbench system to best meet the specific demands of the laboratory environment.


Benching Frames

Frames are constructed according to industrial standards using steel in a choice of square or rectangular profile as an inhouse product.
All steelwork is treated with a phosphating process and finished with a baked epoxy powder coating (70mic), in various colour options, with 3 standard styles: Traditional, Simplistic and Cantilevered. We also offer custom designs for specific needs.

The laboratory frames are styled to accommodate both suspended cabinets (above), which clip directly to the frame, and the mobile units illustrated to the left.

Designed for work, the frame offers a high load-bearing capacity, stability and easy access to instrumentation, tools, and materials.


Benching Cabinets

Laboratory Cabinets and units are manufactured in-house with a range of options and variations to satisfy any storage need. Available as suspended, mobile, wall-mounted, or floor-standing units. All our ranges can be constructed from a choice of materials (Melamine, PVC, Polyprop, Solidcore, Steel etc)

Our Laboratory Cabinets are available in standard size variants (500, 600, 900 & 1000 series), with drawer and shelf combinations available. We also offer design services to ensure that we meet even the most demanding requirements.

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