SupaWood Range

Take the benefits of solid timber, combine them with the advantages of wood-based manufactured board and you get PG Bison’s exceptional SupaWood®.

How it’s made: SupaWood® is made using world-leading technology. Wood chips are ground into fibre and blended with resin, before being bonded together, through heat and pressure, into a premium quality panel product.

Using SupaWood® SupaWood® is engineered to be dense, stiff and super flat. It offers excellent structural strength and superior screw-holding capability. And having no grain structure means great machinability in any direction. SupaWood® is ideal for creating almost any shape through moulding, routing, turning and edge profiling.

With its homogeneous construction, cutting and profiling will yield smooth edges, free from chips and voids. SupaWood® can be fabricated and installed using most joinery techniques, with standard, well-maintained, woodworking tools yielding excellent results.

SupaWood® has a smooth, fine surface ideal for spray paint and PVC wrap finishes. It can also be stained, varnished or finished with melamine-impregnated décor, high pressure laminates or veneer. SupaWood® is perfect for both domestic and commercial applications. As great as SupaWood® is, it is still not recommended for exterior applications or areas with very high moisture content.

From contemporary offerings to period pieces, SupaWood® brings out the very best in all types of furniture.

Demand Range

Incorporate a sense of premium elegance into your special spaces with these exclusive and inspiring designs from MelaWood. See for yourself why this PG Bison color range is in such high demand.

Accent Range

Add a touch of style to your surfaces with the distinctive MelaWood colours and accents of this range. Let your surfaces speak with the authentic voice that makes your space unique.Distinctive colours and accents that add interest and style to any application.

Value Range

Enjoy top quality colours that suit a wide variety of applications. The Value Range is packed full of designs and finishes to compliment every possible space.

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