High Density Filing Unit

High Density Filing Unit

Allows the user to make use of vertical height – costly floorspace is maximised
Allows the user a myriad of internal component combinations dependent on the storage application
Internal Components can be simply adjusted at anything making use of multiple setting options on the side of the cabinet
A variety of finish options are available to enhance the overall aesthetic of the area in which the cabinets are being installed
We will develop a customized solution that will meet all your specific filing needs
Units can accommodate containerized filing, hanging files, lever arch filing, lateral filing and archive storage
All units are manufactured from high grade steel and powder coated to prevent against rust. The Bulk filers are equipped with sealed loaded bearings fro smooth operation and trouble free maintenance

Bay Options

Single, Tandem

Depth of Bay

360mm, 400mm

Width per Bay

1000 or 1080mm, 920mm

Number of Bays

10 Bay Unit 2680mm, 10 Bay Unit 2880mm, 10 Bay Unit 4460mm, 10 Bay Unit 4860mm, 11 Bay Unit 4840mm, 11 Bay Unit 5280mm, 12 Bay Unit 3020mm, 12 Bay Unit 3270mm, 12 Bay Unit 5180mm, 12 Bay Unit 5660mm, 14 Bay Unit 3400mm, 14 Bay Unit 3680mm, 16 Bay Unit 3740mm, 16 Bay Unit 4060mm, 18 Bay Unit 4120mm, 18 Bay Unit 4480mm, 20 Bay Unit 4460mm, 20 Bay Unit 4860mm, 22 Bay Unit 4840mm, 22 Bay Unit 5280mm, 24 Bay Unit 5180mm, 24 Bay Unit 5660mm, 3 Bay Unit 1960mm, 3 Bay Unit 2080mm, 4 Bay Unit 2300mm, 4 Bay Unit 2470mm, 5 Bay Unit 2680mm, 5 Bay Unit 2880mm, 6 Bay Unit 1960mm, 6 Bay Unit 2080mm, 6 Bay Unit 3020mm, 6 Bay Unit 3270mm, 7 Bay Unit 3400mm, 7 Bay Unit 3680mm, 8 Bay Unit 2300mm, 8 Bay Unit 2470mm, 8 Bay Unit 3740mm, 8 Bay Unit 4060mm, 9 Bay Unit 4120mm, 9 Bay Unit 4480mm

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